Saturday, December 20, 2008


(Welcome in French)

Welcome to Sparkles In The Sky, my blog. This blog won't be anything special, but a few pictures here and there, and about my life.

'Tis the season! I found this picture on "bombaykino"'s Flickr.

I love the Christmas season, it just makes me so happy. It seems that almost everyone I know is in a good mood, which makes me even happier. And the decorations add to it! That's mostly the reason why I happen to adore this picture with all of my heart. Sure, the dog is cute, but my favorite part is the silver Christmas tree and the hot pink stockings. How cute!

Well, I must return to the tedious task of cleaning my room while listening to Goldfrapp, so goodbye!

-The Sparkler.

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  1. hey this is ally from the forums. i have a blog too and i can't link right now but i'm following yours