Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To Do

I should

  • get more sleep
  • actually study. =\
  • do my best
  • do this damn Spanish paper about my soul mate =[
  • be nicer
  • find ways other than for parents to go places
  • to join tennis

Oh and I made life goals

  • to be 5'7.
  • to get into Columbia.
  • to meet Barack Obama.
  • to get straight A's ONCE in the next 3 years.

The End.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Heyheyhey! I just had midterms from the 13th - 16th. I've only gotten 3/6 back, a 72 in Fundamentals of Science, a 82 in Spanish, and an 85 in Math. I'm satisfied with all of them but FOS. I had an 81, and the midterm put me down to a 78%. I was so annoyed when I saw that, because I thought about the rest of my grades. everything is good except for English and World History, so I'm pretty sure I failed my Eng. midterm, since my teacher is a stupid fucking liar. The day before the midterm, I asked if the current book we were reading(The Odyssey) was on there. She said "I'm not sure yet, but if there are, there will be a few". BITCH PUT 30 QUESTIONS OUT OF 100. I basically wanted to kill her because i could tell I failed. Not a nice feeling. And I feel huge right now. But I don't think I had that much to eat today.
  • Bagel from Genaurdi's
  • bottle of water
  • a bag of famous Amos cookies
  • Austin peanut butter crackers
  • Caesar salad
  • Progresso chicken noodle soup

I feel like that's a lot though. Oh well. I want to take photography next year, but I'm not sure about that either. Whatever. i was looking at blogs and I saw Raven's (http://heroique.blogspot.com/) and i really like the "This too shall pass" tattoo. I have decided that I want a star behind my right ear, and maybe a Scorpio sign on my left hip. I've also decided to do a "What I'm Listening To" list this time, but I may do it more often after this.

What I'm Listening To:

  • Electric Feel - MGMT
  • Signs - Bloc Party
  • The Mating Game - Bitter:Sweet
  • Because - Chiddy Bang

-The Sparkler

(Oh! BTW, I am INLOVE with the YSL tribute ankle boots. Complete with a 6-inch heel!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Bunch Of Random Things

I just found out i have a 2.8 GPA. I need to do good on midterms.
It's 1:22AM on January 12th, 2009. I have a project due the 13th on the Crusades, which involves a 3 1/2 - 4 page paper and a model of something. I have not even a whole page done, and no model. I was thinking a shield of something? A crossbow would be too hard, I think.
I have some weird obsession with pearls lately, they've become my trademark.

I've decided that i need to do things to keep myself busy. after this blogpost, I need to finish English questions, then write at least 1 page for my project. Then clean a bit. and I just got the biggest urge/craving for chocolate chip cookie dough. I think I just might make some, and save it for tomorrow. Chocolate at this time of day/night means I'll never get to sleep.

-The Sparkeler

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Just realized, I never told you about myself.

Therefore, I will do this now. My name is Alexis, I'm almost always late for things, I'm a bit of a hypocrite, my room is never clean, I spend hours on the computer looking at things I don't need or cant have, I think a ton of things are overrated, I'm the biggest procrastinator ever, I think Philadelphia is a great place to live, I wish I was rich, but I wouldn't trade my family and friends for all the money in the world, I'm a surprisingly good listener, I'm deadly allergic to tree nuts, I cant stand mushrooms, people that chew with their mouth open, loud chewers, or people who make weird sounds with their mouths in general, I love the new york times, I want to go to an Ivy League so bad, preferably Columbia. I'd rather be behind the camera then in front of it, and I want to be more cultured. I have my ideal life planned out in my head, from what my husband will look like, to where my children will go to school. I have an obsession with American Apparel, I'm smart, but I don't take the time to think, and I love when people tell me they love me. I hate the WBC, and I never do what I'm told. I have problems with being wrong, and going to sleep.


-The Sparkeler