Sunday, February 1, 2009

Patience Is Key

I'm sitting on my bed, under my warm zebra print comforter, waiting here for the new episode of The Office to come on after the Super Bowl. I still have a little less than an hour. So until then I am occupying myself with, iming, the New York Times, listening to music, reading other blogs, trying to do biology homework (screw meiosis!) and looking at clothes on UO and AA. My right hand is freezing. And I'm so bored, which was why I thought I'd update. So lately I can't remember like anything. Everything feels like it was so long ago. Even my last blogpost (which was only 4? days ago) feels like forever. It could be because I'm sleeping at the weirdest hours possible and taking a bunch of naps. Oh well. I really need to finish my bio key terms. My friend and I have this system where I do key terms and she does the section review, then at lunch we copy each other's. 'Tis great. AND THEN I just remembered that I have a test and a quiz tomorrow, a test on Julius Caesar and the rise and fall of the Roman empire, and a quiz on two of the stupidest short stories I have ever fucking read. How nice. I'm gonna go study now.


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